On Edge Owl Mandala

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Our On Edge strips are available in 2 lengths: up to 170g they are 450 mm long. The thicker strips up to 320g are 695 mm long and are therefore bent in the pack.

On Edge quilling strips are made of cardboard, i.e. thicker paper - very suitable for our modul tools, because you need fewer strips and the frames are more stable.

Set for a beautiful blue-green Quilling owl mandala * Kit with material for an owl mandala and other owls in different sizes * Contains 411 parts * Strips in 5 mm, OnEdge strips in 5 mm, instructions, A3 template, die-cut flower sheets, templates for owls * Difficulty: 5 of 7

Additionally needed: Quilling Pen, 2 pcs. Fine Comb, Foamboard (A4), paper glue, Measuring Board ,Ringtools , scissors and pin.

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